Welcome to Krasnoff County! This is the first (and only) practice day!

There is help available.

Today's practice task is a 302km triangle, with legs of 90km, 130km and 82km.

We are expecting reasonable conditions with average climbs of about 3.5 knots, with lift improving after 13:00 but blue and weakening from 14:20. Overconvection is expected around the first TP (i.e. at distance approx 80km).

The day is becoming breezy, with a nil wind on the first leg, an effective 5 knot headwind on the second leg, and an 8 knot tailwind on the final leg.

You can start the simulator running by clicking any 'cruise' button. After that, each time you are offered a climb, you can select it by clicking the 'climb' button, or you can keep going on track by selecting a 'cruise' button.

When you are at the top of a climb and have reached your preferred time to start the task, click the 'start' button.

Note: The 'hunt' button improves your chances of finding a thermal, but with little progress on track, and to make good progress choose an appropriate cruise speed for the next expected climb, and don't get too low. There is more help and a detailed discussion of the simulator in the help file.