Can you Help Me!


I am sure that most people find this site littered with spelling mistakes. This is because I need your help as I am dyslectic I find it very hard to correct them myself.

Could you please find them for me and correct them. If you give me the name of the page that the spelling mistake is on and the incorrect spelling then the correct spelling I can use find and replace. The example below would be ideal.

Page name = Can you help me



I am no flying ace. No seasoned pundit. I need your help to guide the less experienced of us in how to fly and enjoy flying gliders. If you would like to take over a small part of the site dedicated to one topic I would give you your own web space. Split the profits on any Google addwords profits and last but not least make you a little bit more famous!

Such subjects could include Cross country flying, understanding gliding weather, buying a glider, vintage gliders, gliding history and learning to fly.

If you have an idea e-mail me you don't need to know anything about computers!!!

Ben Dawson




Life Insurance for Glider Pilots


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