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"These slow glides in rising currents probably hold out greater hope of extensive practice than any other method within man's reach... ...when gliding operators have attained greater skill, they can, with comparative safety, maintain themselves in the air for hours at a time in this way, and thus by constant practice so increase their knowledge and skill that they can rise into the higher air and search out the currents which enable the soaring birds to transport themselves to any desired point by first rising in a circle and then sailing off at a descending angle."
Wilbur Wright, Sept 18, 1901.

Gliding is many different things to many different people. For some, it is a hobby, and a way to meet new people. For others, it is an inexpensive way to get airborne. For many, it is even the cutting edge sport of either racing or aerobatics. For all, though, it is a silent and graceful way of flying without an engine.

Gliding is a sport that all can enjoy.Because training is carried out by highly qualified volunteers, learning to fly is inexpensive. Once you are a member, a day at the Airfield flying and helping others to fly is going to cost you between £20-30!.



"For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return."
Leonardo da Vinci


If you fancy becoming a pilot you will need between 40 to 80 takeoffs and landings before you are allowed to fly without an instructor. This will cost you between £450 and £750 (on average) depending on how quickly you pick it up. Read My first flight experiences.

Even better you could join one of our week long training weeks for as little as £350.

Flying experience gift vouchers are available for sale on-line Please visit a local gliding club for more infomation. It can be a life changing experience gliding for the first time! With prices starting at £50 for up to 3 flights.


The best thing of all is that after your flying experience you are then a member of the club for three months. This means that half an hour flight in a glider would cost you £16.50. However as a member you are expected to help others fly as well

Read My first flight experiences.

Flying a glider is probably the closest thing any human will come to feeling like a bird. Powered only by gravity and air currents, these gliders move silently through the sky, often for hours at a time. Because they have no engines, gliders, or sailplanes, can be thought of as pure flying vehicles, staying aloft by balancing the forces of gravity, lift, drag and thrust.
Read more about how gliders fly.


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