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A Gliding experience flight can be the best way to experiance gliding for the first time. After your first flight you'll be hooked on this superb sport. Why? It's much more challenging than powered flight - you need a lot of skill to keep a glider airborne - knowing how to recognise lift (rising air), where to find it and how to use it. But it's also great fun - effectively you become just like a bird - you often rise up in thermals alongside birds!
Glider Air Tow

Gliding is neather scary or dangerous. Most poeple who fly coment on the quietness and the view.

However once you have gained experiance gliding can be exiting and very dimanding.

At most gliding clubs there are two forms of take off, whinch lauch and Air tow. If you are very nervous I would suggest taking the air tow.

The picture opposite shows the fiew from the glider (yes you will be in the front seat). You will be able to see the tug plane infont of the glider. One of the club members will attach the tow rope to the front of the glider and you will be off. The glider usually takes off just before the plane (becase it can fly slower) then you will be towed to your destination.

When the tug pilot has taken you to the correct location he will signal to the glider pilot (behind you) to pull the reliese. You will then fly around the sky for about 20mins and land back on the air field.

Or if you are feeling brave you can opt for a winch lauch. I remember my first few winch launches, they can be quite sudden and exhilarating. At the other end of the field there is a large engine conected to a drum of thin wire. The gliders are then attached to the wire. The winch then pulls the glider forward quite quickly. After about 20ft the glider is airbourn . The glider then rotates into a climb of about 55 degrees. When the glider is above the winch the winch driver decreases the power. Normaly the glider will relice atomaicaly from the wire. However the pilot at any time can relice.

Depending on the weather (often a bit of wind will help get you higher) launch heights of between 1000ft and 1500ft are possible. This will give you a flight of around 7 minusts.

Launch Point
The view from the top of the winch of Pocklington

As you can see from this view taken just after relice from the winch wire you get a fantastic view. This picture is of the Wolds Gliding Club and its airfield. The flight is normaly very gentle. If you want you can take control of the aircraft before the pilot takes the controls for the landing.

All to soon you will be back on the ground. The landing are usualy supprisingly gentle. Most of our guests come back with a smile.

If you would like to have another go please ask a member of the club. Most club have a short membership sceem so you be a member for a month or two so you can come flying at club rates. For an example the a 20 minuet flight would cost you £6.50 for the winch launch and £6 flying time = £12.50 (this would include instruction if you have not gone solo). After your trial membership has ended you would need to become a full member of the club. This can range between £150 to £500 depending on the club.


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