My gliding birthday cake!

Thank you very much to Gill, Katie and Charlotte for the best birthday cake ever!

If any one is confused it's a glider going into a thermal!

If you would like a cake as good as this (with or without a thermal) you could contact.

Sue Cushing - Occasional Cakes

2, Cherry Grove

Upper Poppeton


YO26 6HG

01904 793958

e-mail me for the phone number E-mail

Comments on this page from other glider pilots!!!


I'm afraid your cake is demonstrating an inefficient
thrermalling technique. It shows the glider steepening
its turns at the top of the thermal, when it ought
to have a smaller bank angle.


P.S. Just kidding. Happy birthday!

>I'm glad _someone_ thinks centring in a thermal is >a piece of cake ... > >Nigel
That sure is serious aircraft icing
if Boeing made gliders.... :-)

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