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Glider maintenance

Please feel free to e-mail me if you would like a link to a company organisation or individual who should be on this list

Essex-salplanes Based near chelmsford. We carry out annual inspections, repairs, refinishing etc.
Bob McLean Rufforth, Near York
Severn Valley Sailplanes

Arlingham, Gloucestershire Glider maintenance and repair as well as a on line shop for parts.

"We have been in the business of repairing and maintaining gliders for over a decade. Run by a team of dedicated soaring enthusiasts we aim to meet the needs of those pilots who wish to look after and maintain their own gliders"

Anglia Sailplanes Ltd

Near Tibenham Airfield, Maintenance and repairs, Limbach Engine Agent, Rollason Engines Overhauled, numerous spare parts made for Venture SLMGs and engine accessories, Seat Harness Repairs for Annex 2 gliders/slmgs. Fuselage Rollover Stands.

Bicester Aviation Services This web site covers a wide range of technical subjects, presented concisely and succinctly. As well as the services provided by Dickie Feakes who has 50 years experience of servicing and maintaining gliders.
Whings and Wheels The largest and most comprehensive inventory of sailplane and soaring supplies in the USA!
Airborne Composites Located Near Warminster
Southern Sailplanes Hungerford
Shirenewton Sailplanes Ledbury - Herefordshire Repair of gliders - Trailers - Tapes and adhesive supplies
North Yorkshire Sailplanes Thorpefield, Thirsk 01845 524107
Targett Aviation Nympsfield Gloucestershire - Sailplane and sports aircraft repairs and maintenance
East of England Sailplanes Husbands Bosworth Airfield - Glider maintenance and repair, servicing of Rotax engines, Perspex screen and canopy repairs and Microlight maintenance.
Glider Trailer Repairs and welding I can take the base off the trailer and fabricate a new one then graft it on to the trailer thus rejuvenating an otherwise un-roadworthy trailer and retaining the fittings.
www.gliderservices.co.uk LTB gliders and Motor glider Services.
They are gliding people doing sensibly priced jobs to a professional standard including complete re-finishing at less that half price.
www.refinishglider.pl M G Gliders - Glider Refinishers in Poland
Life Insurance for Glider Pilots
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