The two seater competition

At the Wolds Gliding Club

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Aerial of Final Day grid WGC

2006 crews and grid

A23 Capstan Peter and Dave Tuesday

Aerial of Final Day grid WGC

Andy Butler

Ash 25 260 on approach-

Ash 25 907 finishes

ASh 25 907 Mal Bill Roy Andy

Ash 25mb 260

Bergfalk IV EBD Dave B Dave

Bernie Svenson

C66 Alan Mc Mo

Capstan A23 on approach-

Capstan BJQ Hus Bos-

Capstan BJQ Hus Bos

Capstan BJQ

Chiping Crew

Chipmunk Tug on approach-

Chippy Pilot

CHris Price CFI


Dave asleep

DG 1000 DS2

DG 505 KNK

DG 505 mb 94 finishes-

DG1000 DS2 on approach

DG1000 DS2 on approach

DG1000 DS2 Sutton Bank

DG1000T D6

DG500 HNA Andy M

DG500 HNA Andy


DG505 mb 94 Bob

DG505mb on approach

Diane Tug Pilot

DS2 approach

DS2 round out

DTC approach

DTC finishes

DTC on approach

Duo 572 finishes

Duo Discus 572

Evening sky

EWP finishes

FEA finishes

FVU crew smiling

G103 Acro KFG

Grob 103 Eccentrics With Parrot

HNA trailing water




IS28 EHS approach

IS28 EHS Mike T Ian

Ivor Orrey

Janus 563 Chris Fox

Janus 563 on approach

Janus b DTC Arthur and Lance

Janus D31 finishes-

Janus D31

Janus EQV on approach-

Janus EQV

Janus HTB finishes

Janus HTB Newark-

JAV Derek and Gordon task complete

John Norman Competition Director


K13 HVQ on approach-


K13 JGW approach

K13 JGW Noel K Dave R-

K13 JLQ Chipping

K13 JLQ on approach-

K13 JLQ on approach-


K21 GBV Terry M Graham W-01.jpg

K21 JAV Steven Brian Gordon Helen-01.jpg

K21 Jax Dave H Tony F-01.jpg

K21 KGX aproach-01.jpg

K21 KGX Hus Bos-01.jpg

K7 CPG-01.jpg

KA7 FLK approach-01.jpg

KA7 FLK-01.jpg

KAX and Sky-01.jpg

KAX approach-01.jpg


KJL morning-01.jpg

KNK finishes-01.jpg

Marianne JXB-01.jpg

Marianne JXB-02.jpg

Marianne Z35-01.jpg

Marrianne JXB approach-01.jpg

Mike Fox and Tug Pilot-01.jpg

Pawnee D-01.jpg

Pawnee GBFEV-01.jpg

Pawnee Tug-01.jpg

Pawnee Tug-02.jpg

Phoenix and sky.jpg

Puch JRF Colin Graham Jan-01.jpg

Puchatz JRF Tuesdy-01.jpg

Rope runners-01.jpg

T1 challenges Capstan's lead-01.jpg

Thermal stack-01.jpg

Tow times two-01.jpg

Tug Pilots Team-01.jpg

Twin Astir 447-01.jpg

Twin Astir FEA-01.jpg

Twin Astir HBK-01.jpg

Water Pistols-01.jpg

Where are they MJ and PB-01.jpg

Z35 on approach-01.jpg

Wolds Gliding Club Two Seater Competition 20006


Please have a look at these photographs. You may use them for your desktop and gliding club website and printouts. Please credit me and WGC if possible. Don’t sell them except for bona fide charity purposes. If you need larger files for publication or want to ask about other pictures I’ve taken please contact me.

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