Software for Glider Pilots

Why do glider pilots need software? Once you are up in the air and away from your home glider port, navigation becomes more difficult. A gps with the correct software can help (you still need a map and the ability to use it, because your GPS can go wrong). As well as this basic function, many software packages do complex calculation to determine how far you can fly with your given height, very useful if you wish to land back at your site, not a field. Many software programs help you fly in competitions as well as log your flight path for later analyses.


Xc Soar is a Free GPS gliding softwear with excellent moving map (although slightly less clear on terrain than some, the roads and city information is the best I've tried and the airspace display is good).
*Has all the actually useful functions of the paid for ones. It may not be able to tell you how many bugs are on your wings or be able to sing you to sleep but I don't think you'll miss them ;-)
*Has a logger (not igc approved but then again neither are the others).
*active open source community supporting it, very receptive to suggestions.

See you Mobile

SeeYou Mobile is a stand alone application for the Pocket PC environment which will help glider pilots at all levels better understand soaring while it is happening.

Everything the glider pilot needs when flying cross-country.

Glide Navigator II Soaring Software

Glide Navigator II is soaring software for your Pocket PC computer. It offers moving map navigation and final glide functionality. It will run on all Compaq Aero, Dell and iPAQ Pocket PC's. It is compatible with any GPS that outputs NMEA 0183 data (Garmin, Volkslogger, Colibri, Filser LX20, Transplant, EMTAC, TeleType, etc.) and offers two-way data communication with Cambridge Aero Instruments GPS-NAV, L-NAV and 302 instruments

Navigator - Soaring flight software
Downloader - Flight log download software

SoarPilot was designed with both the sport and competition sailplane/paraglider pilots in mind. It enhances a pilot’s sectional information helping him/her to make informed speed & distance decisions when flying around the local airfield or going cross-country. In addition, using an attached GPS and the logger function, the pilot can download and plot the flight track information after flying for futher analysis or just for fun!

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