Gliding Maxims

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I was once told

listen to everyone, read everything. Discard what doesn't work for you, question what you don't understand (or conflicts with what ohters say) and build up your own toolkit of what works for you.

Fly at best glide, not min sink, to cover more ground.

In weak conditions, fly gingerly.

Thermals may only last fifteen minutes.

Look for lift upwind of clouds, or up sun.

Small cu have lift directly under them.

The best lift is usually under clouds with flat bottoms.

Follow line of least sink.

Headwind = shorter range.

Tailwind = greater range.

Notes on Glider performance

Junior 34:1 @ 42 kts
Being pessimistic, take 30:1
With no wind and no sink = 4.8 nautical miles per 1,000 ft

Discus 43:1 @ 54 kts
Being pessimistic, take 37:1
With no wind and no sink = 5.8 nautical miles per 1,000 ft

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