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Club Class Nationals Pocklington

A fine week of soaring An exciting insider’s view of the Mifflin, Pennsylvania regional contest from the back seat of a Duo Discus high performance glider, with 15-time US national champion Karl Striedieck at the controls. Flying at high speed at treetop level over the Appalachian ridges or climbing under majestic snow showers, we get a sense of how a champion plies his craft. The supporting cast includes competition director Charlie Spratt, two-time world champion George Moffat, still a formidable competitor at 75, and the contest pilots and organizers. (to buy) Arobatic - good sound track.

Blue and white glider

Aerobatics 10 loops + very very giggly girl (if that turns you on)

BBC film old documentary featuring a WW2 veterant and a twin engine aircraft doing gliding aerobatics! a movie from London Gliding Club

Dune running

Valley Soaring Short promo by Discovery People

Valley Soaring promo by VSC Dune running in Oz

Wave Camp

Michalin Advert

Historic gliding from Bath gliding club The best collection of Gliding Videos. Loop -- for the oldie fogies

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